The beautiful summer weather has by now approached us all. The glimmering sun, the endless blue skies, the white puffy, marshmallow-y clouds. It’s all fun and games until the REAL hot heat hits and humidity. Now If you’re not unlucky like me, you have air conditioning, unfortunately, I don’t. Babies need to be kept cool and hydrated in the heat. There are a lot of ways to do so.

Baby pool

A baby pool is a great way to cool down your baby, its cheap, it’s small, easy to store and convenient. When the weather started getting hot, I turned to my best friend Amazon in search of a baby pool. I got a small blow up one for $9.45. Of course when I received the pool in late May the weather decided to turn cold, go figure. My son loves to just sit by the pool and splash in the water. Remeber to always keep an eye on your child and never leave them unattended in open waters.

If you have swim trunks for your son, make sure to cut out the mesh netting. It’s caused problems with genitals getting stuck in the mesh netting. 

Baby Sunblock

Having sunscreen for your baby is essential for the summer, sunburn can be life threatening to those under 12 months. I use coppertone spf water babies sunscreen for Noah, it works wonders. Even with the long walks we go on, pool time in the sun, or out crawling around, he hasn’t gotten sunburned. Contact your pediatrician in case your child gets sunburned. 

Bucket hat!

Who doesn’t love those floppy hats that make your little one look super adorable? I bought a bucket hat to keep the sun out of my son’s eyes. His has a strap on it to keep from pulling off. They are affordable, adorable and can be found at local stores like Target and Walmart.