Cosleeping is a great way to bond, get more sleep, and to be easily accessible for your baby. However, some parents disagree with this parenting technique. Cosleeping is bed sharing with your baby, toddler, or child.

I’ve been cosleeping with my son since he was a newborn. We have a crib set up for him. At first I tried as much as possible for him to sleep in the crib, and he did, but I breastfed him at the time and would also wake up to care for him. What really worried me is that I’d fall asleep breastfeeding him, and later grew scared I’d drop him or he’d fall off the bed. He came into our bed more as my back grew worst around 3 weeks until 10 weeks post partum. (I had an epidural, never had back problems until after that, I guess I was one of the unfortunate ones) I couldn’t even pick my son up from the crib or put him in it. So my boyfriend took over nights (and still does hehe..) we used a boppy pillow to put Noah on in-between us. It worked really great and helped us get more sleep. That is until the lovely teething monster came.  Around 5 months he wasn’t even interested in sleeping in the crib anymore, we would feed him to sleep, then transition him to the crib, and when he awoke, brought him back to bed. Around that age he wouldn’t even go back to the crib. About a month later he popped out his first tooth, then became a bit easier at night again. That is until he learned how to crawl.  When he was 7 months old he went through another sleep regression, this time kicking us in our sleep, refusing to lay on his back, and trying to crawl in his sleep. Although it was a rough patch, these things will pass. Now currently at 9.5 months old he still sleeps with us and wakes up at night to eat. I’m not going to force him to sleep on his own and cry himself to sleep. He’ll transition once he’s ready. I tried around 5 months old to ‘sleep train’ him, putting him in a sleep sack , feeding him and putting him down sleepy, it just didn’t work. It’s okay though, every baby is different. Just FYI my son never liked to be swaddled, he HATED it so much. 

Moral of the story is that different things work for different people, and what works for us, might not work for you. Even though there are our tough nights, they pass with time. 

Please let me know your experiences and what your opinions are about cosleeping. 🙂