I know what you are thinking, dealing with cloth soaked urine and poop. Really, it’s not at all as bad as it seems. They aren’t even that messy! Cloth diapers are easy to clean and keep nice, if you do it the right way.
So my baby just pooped….now what?

There are many ways to clean the messy, soiled diapers. They even have sprayers which you spray the soiled mess into the toilet with no problem. One of the ways I do it since I don’t yet  have a sprayer is:

I take a bag, like a grocery bag and put it on my hand (kinda like picking up dog food) and taking the diaper wipes and scraping as much poop as I can off.

I then take the insert or diaper (in case poo poo gets on the diaper too) and bring it to the toilet, there I wet it and try to scrape more off with toilet paper. Once all the solids are off, I take it to the sink and rinse it off using a tooth brush. It’s very effective and efficient. Then I put my soiled insert in the dirty insert pile. If my diaper needed washing too, I let it hang dry. 

They also make disposable liners that are flushable. I own a roll of bamboo disposable liners just in case we are out and about and there’s no time to be awkwardly scraping baby poo poo. Into someone’s toilet.