Carrying a new life is one of the best feelings in the whole world, no doubt about it. There are the things no one talks about, let’s be serious, there are a lot of discomforts. For every woman pregnancy is different, some have complications and some don’t. Pregnancy isn’t a walk in the park for everyone. If you are currently expecting or a mom, then you know what I am talking about. Before having my son, I always heard the normal “joys” such as: having to pee every second, cravings, and heartburn.

But wait, there’s more

I didn’t just have heartburn, I had acid reflux to accompany the hell. I tried everything there was to try, Zantac, Pepcid, Tums, etc.! I went through 3 bottles of tums my whole pregnancy. The thing that worked the most was milk, yep plain ol’ white milk. However, it only worked sometimes. (I now love white milk, pregnancy does weird things, eh?) I could no longer eat my favorite foods anymore, nor lay down after eating.  (which you’re not supposed to do anyway) I thought to myself a lot “This baby better be born with a full head of hair!”, Once the baby is delivered, the heartburn or acid reflux goes away right away, I was so happy to eat my first meal and NOT feel like I was choking on my food coming back up my esophagus. (and yes he had quite the head of hair haha)

The debilitating feeling of electric shock ripping through your hoo-haa. This was the biggest shock to me ( No pun intended) my old enemy, lightning crotch. Lightning crotch happens when the baby is laying on your cervix, or in your pelvic region. This may feel like your baby is trying to make a fast exit, but that likely isn’t the scenario.

Making a trip to the bathroom repeatedly really isn’t a joke. You have a growing human sitting right on top of your bladder, and let me tell you, he/she doesn’t get any lighter. You pee like crazy right from the beginning. Although in the beginning its more of your body pumping more blood through your body, which makes your kidneys do more work. You feel like you have to pee after you just peed, although that can also be sign of a UTI. So make sure to check in with your doctor. I swear getting up multiple times during the night to pee, prepares you to get up multiple times with your newborn.

Feeling like a beached whale. I am sure no matter what your size is, big or small, you feel like this.  I didn’t pop until about 30-32 weeks pregnant. After that I felt like a big, fat, sweaty watermelon. It was summer, it was hot, humid, and everything you could imagine. Rolling over in bed at night was a huge chore, my hips felt like they were going to pop off, and my thighs felt like I ran 1,000 miles everyday, sore.  I didn’t buy a pregnancy pillow (which probably I should have, I hear great things about them) Instead, I stole all the pillows and surrounded myself with them. Showering was also a huge chore, I was ready to take a nap after each one, no joke.  Shaving…don’t get me started, that doesn’t even exist anymore after a certain point. Heck, you can’t even see your hoo-haa. Site lost, call Houston.

No doubt you’ll be tired, but the first trimester, I slept ANYWHERE. I am such a picky sleeper, but those first few weeks, forget it, I was falling asleep in chairs, in the car, literally anywhere. This is due to your placenta still not being developed, and your body producing more blood and a change in hormones.

I remember freaking out as my left hand started going numb, as if I was laying on it for a prolonged period of time, the only problem is, I wasn’t. Apparently you can develop carpal tunnel during pregnancy due to extra fluid building up in your wrists. lovely isn’t it? It affects women differently, some develop it severely and others mildly. It’s supposed to go away after pregnancy. For me it only lasted about a week, but it isn’t a very pleasant feeling. It sucks.

Sneezing, coughing, yawning, hiccupping, and OUCH! your side feels as if you got stabbed. Well my ladies, this is called round ligament pain, just to add to the rest of the list. It’s due to your muscles stretching to accommodate your growing belly. I had it as early as 8 weeks. I once had it so bad around 20-something weeks I woke up in a horrid charlie-horse-like pain, but in my side! I then had it for the following day, and then the soreness remained.

Even though us ladies experience an array of discomforts, the feeling of your newborn baby in your arms takes away all the pain. It’s true our bodies go through a lot, but we are creating, and have created beautiful life. These are only SOME of the lovely discomforts we get to “enjoy“, feel free to share any of your stories, experiences, and discomforts I haven’t mentioned. I’d love to hear about it and share our stories together. See you in the next blog post 🙂